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if you are reading this,
im glad seeing you happy again..
you know that i’ve always been there.. since the beginning..

sometimes it seems so pointless, everything i do, everything i feel, i need a sign.

but don’t make a move then suddenly disappear, and please don’t make me wait no more just because you know i will.

im still gonna be here for u anyways..
i just hope that you understand how happy im to know that theres ‘YOU’ breathing somewhere in this world..


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Already it is October, and the wind blows strong to the sea.
— D.H. Lawrence, “Butterfly” (via wordsnquotes)


Photo 1 Oct 1,412 notes Cant wait for winter nights ❄️💜

Cant wait for winter nights ❄️💜

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Rihanna spotted at LAX airport (27.09.2014.) #2

Rihanna spotted at LAX airport (27.09.2014.) #2

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